Music, motivation and winter commuting

Brompton in the dark

I know it’s not actually winter yet, but it feels like it.

Yesterday, as 5pm approached and the office was being gradually surrounded by complete blackness, I looked back at the Brompton on the shelf and seriously considered just biking a short way to the bus stop, rather than doing the full 11.11 miles home.

I decided the worst thing I could do was think about it and the best thing I could do was to get changed and just set off.

Most of my trip is cycle path, so I continued with the two hour, Resonance FM OST podcast that I’d started on the bus: Sesame Street Special.

Within minutes, I was motivated. I crossed the railway bridge and on my climb up the ramp I was treated to an incredible track, simply and suitably called, “Ride a Bike” (28’29”, just after Subway and the classic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…).

Anyway, if you saw Sesame Street in the 70’s or 80’s, this is probably the best two hours of aural pleasure you’re likely to find anywhere. Pop it on when you’re cooking tonight’s meal, open a bottle of whatever you fancy an take a trip back to your childhood.

Oh, yeah. Fans of Boards of Canada may also hear some familiar source material (Aquarius counting voice and the “I love you” speech from The Color of the Fire.

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