Loving and leaving Looe

I’m in Looe, Cornwall. I’ve been here since Saturday and it’s been great.

I had meant to blog a lot during my stay (around 14 posts!) to catch up to my, ahem, ‘post-a-week’ commitment.


Well, not really. I’ve done a lot of relaxing, thinking and taking lots of photographs. This is probably the first time I’ve had a break where I’ve actually had, well, a break.

We got a few really hot days, had a great day on the beach (saw a helicopter rescue), visited Polperro, ate loads of good food (some naughty), found a free wi-fi signal (thanks Romags network33), drank cider, beer and rum and generally did little else, except bumble around.

Mackerel fishing aboard the Emma LouiseToday, we went mackerel fishing on the Emma Louise. A small and beautiful boat owned by Dave Haines. If you ever go to Looe, I recommend you go fishing and Dave is really genuine, pleasant person to go with.

We caught lots (well over 50 between the two of us, Michelle got the most) and it was loads of fun. We were way out past Looe Island and got some great views of it.

You get to keep all that you catch, but we’re leaving tomorrow and had no way to store them. Dave filleted some of them for us on the journey back and we had them for tea. Freshest fish I’ve ever had.

The cottage has been small, but comfortable. They haven’t made the best use of the limited space and it’s filled with all sorts of nonsense that you just don’t need on holiday. Plus, I should have planned and packed a little better than I actually did (no corkscrew!), but that can go on a to do list for the future.

45 editions of The PhotoHorton Cottage seems to be the end bit of a larger cottage that’s been split up into holiday homes. I’m sure the bedroom floor isn’t level, I’m nearly falling out of bed most nights.

Anyway, off to Newquay for a night tomorrow, then finishing off with three nights at Watergate Bay.

So I leave Looe with good memories, seven rolls of exposed 35mm film, a clearer head, some strong beer and 45 copies of ‘The Photo’ magazine from Marshall Cavendish, 1981.

#win (13 posts to go)

blurred gull

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