Hello world!

0.7734Right. I want to make this brief.

I’ve been very lazy in writing my first original blog post. I know there’s probably no excuse for it, but honestly, I do have a couple of good ones, if you’re interested.

Normally, people delete this post, right? Well, I don’t consider myself normal, so this is my official introduction and hopefully a proper start to blogging.

What will I write about? I have no idea. Most of it will probably only be of interest to me, maybe even that will be pushing it.

I have lots of ideas, but little motivation at present, so initially I will be writing to create a habit and find a style I’m comfortable with.

I like the idea of the current WordPress challenge to publish a post a week in 2011. I accept this challenge. Yes, it’s a late start, but I’ve only been back from my honeymoon in Tunisia a week. I’ll try to make up for the two missed posts.

Anyway, what can you expect me to write about? All I can say is that it will be varied. My words may or may not be about food, technology, gardening, a hatred of television, music, learning, alcohol, local stuff (Derby/Notts UK), society, travel, pets, language, communication, work, DIY, Macintosh, Windows, money, customer service, consumerism, cooking, friends (not the TV show), nostalgia, smells, fear, cheese, culture, films, science fiction, comedy, Britain, photography, creativity and coffee.

Thanks to Tim Cooper for hosting this and pushing me to get off my arse and write something.

There, I’ve done it.

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  1. tim

    …and about time too! I look forward to reading more in the coming weeks and months.

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