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Loving and leaving Looe

I’m in Looe, Cornwall. I’ve been here since Saturday and it’s been great. I had meant to blog a lot during my stay (around 14 posts!) to catch up to my, ahem, ‘post-a-week’ commitment. #fail Well, not

Raised bed planning for vegetables

OK, so my ‘post-a-week’ isn’t turning out to be weekly at the moment. You have my apologies. I’ve been busy. Honest… Yesterday’s weather was fantastic and just the kind of nudge we all need to get into

Summer’s coming

I have loads of things I could write my first substantive blog post on. Many of these things are negative, or at least the inspiration for the topics are brought about by an adverse reaction to something.

Hello world!

Right. I want to make this brief. I’ve been very lazy in writing my first original blog post. I know there’s probably no excuse for it, but honestly, I do have a couple of good ones, if