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New hobby and out of date Pilsner

I don’t remember exactly when I decided to take up home brewing. I’ve dabbled with a couple of wine kits in the past, but had never been too impressed. I think it may have something to do

Music, motivation and winter commuting

I know it’s not actually winter yet, but it feels like it. Yesterday, as 5pm approached and the office was being gradually surrounded by complete blackness, I looked back at the Brompton on the shelf and seriously

How to tweet a meeting, live

Or as I call it, Tweeting a meeting with limited seating. The title for this is probably a bit misleading. I chose it because it’s probably what people will search for, but hopefully, if you’ve found this

Loving and leaving Looe

I’m in Looe, Cornwall. I’ve been here since Saturday and it’s been great. I had meant to blog a lot during my stay (around 14 posts!) to catch up to my, ahem, ‘post-a-week’ commitment. #fail Well, not

Raised bed planning for vegetables

OK, so my ‘post-a-week’ isn’t turning out to be weekly at the moment. You have my apologies. I’ve been busy. Honest… Yesterday’s weather was fantastic and just the kind of nudge we all need to get into