New hobby and out of date Pilsner

I don’t remember exactly when I decided to take up home brewing. I’ve dabbled with a couple of wine kits in the past, but had never been too impressed.

I think it may have something to do with my first (and subsequent) visit(s) to Nutbrook Brewery. It got me thinking that I could start to dabble at home and produce something more suited and fitting for the British climate.

Anyway, the idea sat in my brain for a few years. I visited the odd brew shop, had a look and didn’t do much. I visited a few pubs, drank some beer and thought about it.

I suppose it also has something to do with money. I’ve already cut back on transport in favour of the bike about 50% of the time. Currently, my daily commute costs me about 600kcal, some sweat and £1.13 in bus fare. This would be a good way to save alcohol expenditure and drink better, fresher beer as a bonus.

One day, I saw a poster for Beeston Beer Club in Cheers Homebrew, Long Eaton.Beeston Beer Club poster

I visited and experienced the most incredible meeting I’ve ever been to.

“Right, shall we start on the lagers…”

I’m now in a position where I’m really inspired and excited about starting full grain brewing. I’ve had a bit of a thrifty spending spree on reduced and second hand equipment. I’ve also bought a book!

Now, I’m not fully there yet. To get me started, I’ve got a Pilsner kit on the go that went out of date in 2009. It seems to be fermenting, but its taking longer than I thought.

I just need to get a few more bits and bobs, like a hot liquour tank and a boiling pan. Then I can buy some grain and start properly!


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  1. Dave Gilbert

    Hi. I just happened to find your article from August 2013 on the web, and was delighted to find that your visit to the Beeston Beer Club had encouraged you in some small way. What has happened since? How about coming along again and telling us what progress you have made? If you do, please note that we have changed our meeting to the first TUESDAY in the month. I must get that poster changed!

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